Taught in Depth

 “I miss the respectful atmosphere at my Montessori School, where we learned about grace & courtesy” and how to treat each other nicely, from the little toddlers to the elementary class.”

“The subjects at my Montessori school were taught in-depth, for example – history (which is one of my favourites). I could spend a whole day learning about something really interesting, where I am now only allowed to focus on one little piece, which is kind of boring for me.”

Wesley, Graduate 2007

Relaxed atmosphere and comfortable Montessori environment.

 “I want to commend all of you for a job well done this summer! Both of my children have loved the summer activities, the relaxed atmosphere and comfortable Montessori environment. As a parent re-entering the working world it has been a God send having Ellesmere Montessori School available to me this summer. Thank you again.”

Malissa, Parent of three students

Develop their potential and learn at their own pace.

 "The school has been a blessing to our family and a second home for our three children. It has been a place where they can develop their potential and learn at their own pace. 

As parents, we were surprised to see how capable a child can be to do things on their own and how proud they feel in doing so. We have learned along with our children through parenting education nights, parent interviews and most importantly the continuous advice from the principal and all of the staff. They are always there to work with us for the benefit of the children. 

Ellesmere Montessori School is a place to enlighten the children not only for the time they spend here but also for later. The critical thinking, the curiosity and the way to see things. These are some of the many skills they developed at Ellesmere Montessori School but will have with them through their lives. Thank you, with all our hearts. "

Orrantia Bravo Family 

An environment which values humanity in all its stages.

  “Having being employed at Ellesmere Montessori School since 1984, under three different owners, I obviously both believe in the school and the educational philosophy of Dr. Montessori which it embraces. I enjoy coming to work each day. I have had the privilege of a flexible working schedule over the years while raising my 4 children, and the opportunity to participate in an environment which values humanity in all its stages. It has truly been a blessing to my family.”


Teresa, Employee

Wholesome Education

 “If you are looking for amazing and wholesome education for your child where they can develop physically, mentally and socially with freedom and discipline, then Ellesmere Montessori School is the right place to go. My two children attended this school and it was a wonderful experience. It is an authentic Montessori school which follows the A.M.I. (Association Montessori Internationale) method to the letter and spirit.”

Zahaib, father of two students

My children are treated with respect and dignity each day.

 “Ellesmere Montessori has been more than a school to my children, it has been a community for our family.  My children find purpose and meaning in their lives by the work they do and the joy it brings them.  As a Mom, I wondered how I would ever be able to go back to work and leave my child with ‘strangers’.  I am so thankful that we found Ellesmere because I know my children are treated with respect and dignity each day.  It’s a really good feeling to leave them in the morning knowing they are cared for by such kind people.  I love the freedom they have to grow and develop in their own unique ways and I love how the environment in each classroom fosters their ability to be independent and capable.  It has been wonderful to experience their joy of learning.”

Michelle, Parent of two students

Each one is an individual thinker and not afraid to ask questions

“Attending Ellesmere Montessori School gave our children a solid foundation which enabled them to confidently enter the regular school system when they graduated. Each one is an individual thinker and not afraid to ask questions or challenge traditional norms. As a parent I am grateful that their developmental needs were met during their formative years”.

Brian, Parent

The right place for my children.


“I knew the minute I walked through Ellesmere Montessori School’s doors years ago that it was the right place for my children and for me as a parent. I have never regretted my decision to become part of the Ellesmere Montessori Family, and this summer programme is no exception.”


The children are respectful and there is a sense of fairness that permeates the school.


What impresses me about Ellesmere Montessori School is the atmosphere of excitement and happiness of the children when I enter the school. There is a happy buzz in the air, is how I would describe it. What a good learning environment! The children are respectful and there is a sense of fairness that permeates the school.

As parents of the 80's we sent our 4 children to Ellesmere Montessori School and today we have two grandchildren attending the school. It is not uncommon to meet parents of our children's generation bringing their children to the school.

From the 80's to now it appears to me that the teaching methods are basically the same. If it works why fix it you may ask. Teachers do most of their training at the Foundation for Montessori Education (FME), in Toronto. FME requires students to have a university degree to start taking the course, I understand.

The teachers at the school are evaluated from time to time by an arm's length Montessori body to keep their teaching levels at a high standard. In addition, the school must comply with Ontario Ministry of Education requirements.

The school gears learning to the pupil's ability so children learn at their own pace. One of our daughters was reading phonically around the age of 5 and was maybe 2 years ahead of the children just starting kindergarten at that time.

The classrooms and general area are kept clean and tidy. Much time and expense are put into upgrading the facility every year and also keeping classrooms in good working order.

The staff are professionals and very nice people to deal with and they listen and help when there is a concern.

Ellesmere Montessori School is a very well-run school that puts the children first and I would recommend it to family and friends.

Brian D. 

Beautiful experience

Thank you for the most Beautiful experience. 

Sandora, Student